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Final Section Opening Fall 2015


Plat Restrictions
Plat Restrictions & Architectural Guidelines
for Builders and Homeowners

Minimum Square Footage
Claiborne Farms
Ranch Style Homes 2,500 Main Floor
Two Story Homes 3,500 Main and Upper

Normandy Farms & Calumet Farms
Ranch Style Homes 2,100
Two Story Homes 2,600

Additional Building Requirements
  • Building Set Back Requirements
    • 25 Ft. Front Yard
    • 30 Ft. Rear Yard
    • 5 Ft. Sideyard with 15 Ft. Aggregate
  • Brick / Masonry Minimum Requirements
    • Masonry shall be defined as brick, stone, cultured stone, EFIS or dryvit materials on 3 sides of first floor. Any building on a lot that immediately abuts and backs up to 104th Street and Georgia Road shall have masonry on 4 sides of first floor.
    • Masonry requirements may be modified and reduced upon approval of Architectural Committee (AC) on a case-by-case basis.
  • Siding Requirement
    • Siding materials are to be masonry, wood, L.P., Smartside, Hardiplank or similar material approved by the Architectural Committee (AC).
    • Vinyl and aluminum siding are prohibited.
    • Use of Fypon to be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • Window Requirement
    • Windows shall be wood, vinyl clad or aluminum clad.
  • Garage Requirement
    • A minimum 3 car-attached garage is required. Side load, courtyard or angled garages shall be considered the standard.
    • AC shall consider front load garages on a case–by–case basis
  • Roof Pitch Requirement
    • Front to back 8/12 minimum
    • Front gables or hips 8/12 minimum
    • Ancillary roofs such as porches, bays or walkways may be lower than the minimum requirements.
    • All homes shall have a minimum 12" roof overhangs.
    • Roof pitch requirements may be modified upon approval of Architectural Committee (AC) on a case–by–case basis for Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, Country French, Low Country, Craftsman or other styles that lend themselves to differ from standard.
    • Roof height must be 30' minimum and 45' minimum with no more than 5' difference between adjacent homes. Exceptions must be approved by Architectural Committee (AC).
  • Landscape Requirement
    • A minimum of fourteen (14) 18" to 24" in height or spreading shrubs to be planted within mulch beds in the front of the home.
    • Landscape screening of electrical transformers and AC units required
    • Claiborne Farms — a minimum of three (3) trees in the front lot planting area, all to be a minimum of 2" in diameter total of three (3).
    • Full landscaping plan must be approved by the Architectural Committee (AC).
    • Sod front and side yards to rear corners of home.
    • Sod, hydro-seed or seed and straw in rear yard.
    • Full yard irrigation required.
    • Normandy Farms & Calumet Farms — a minimum of one (1) tree in the lot planting area and at least one in the front yard, all to be a minimum of 2" in diameter and within 10 feet of established building line total of two (2).
    • Sod with irrigation in all front yards, sides and rear must be seeded at a minimum.
    • Street trees are defined as Red Sunset Maple. All lots are required to plant street trees at a minimum of 2" and placed on an average of every 40 – 60 feet on center between the curb and sidewalk.
    • All homes backing up to a pond will be required to submit both hardscapes and landscape plans for rear yards to be approved by the Architectural Committee (AC).
  • Miscellaneous Requirements
    • The AC prior to construction or installation must approve all new home designs, plat plans and landscape plans. Plat plans for all tree preservation lots must designated all trees located within 10 feet of the footprint and driveway to be removed as described on the plat and in the covenants. The AC shall review these plans.
    • All driveways to be concrete.
    • Sidewalks required on all lots.
    • Uniform mailboxes are required and can be purchased from Kristi Hof at the Sign Shop 317-542-5252. Please allow two weeks for desired installation.
    • Equipment vents to be located to rear or side of home and painted to match home.
    • Crawl or basement foundation required — no slabs allowed.
    • All exterior colors (including roof, siding, trim, windows, and masonry) must be approved by the AC.
    • Dumpster or trash bin required on site beginning at the framing stage.
    • Uniform yard lights are required and can be purchased through Westfield Lighting at 317-896-3033 or Ferguson Lighting at 317-705-0794.
  • Homeowners Association Miscellaneous Requirements
    • All new home designs, placement, landscaping shall be approved by the AC.
    • All exterior additions and or modifications on a lot shall be subject to the approval of HOA.
    • No mini barns or outside storage facilities will be permitted.
    • Rear yard fencing shall be limited to a maximum height of 48" and wrought iron 3 rail system type is permitted.
    • Basketball goals shall be glass backboards. No concrete pads or courts shall be permitted / No portable goals are allowed
    • No metal playground equipment or trampolines are permitted.
    • Commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, etc…are not permitted on the property except within enclosed garages.
    • Satellite dishes must be approved for location mounted on house and no larger than 24 inches.
Print Plat Restrictions & Architectural Guidelines - 131 K

Brooks Park plat restrictions and architectural guidelines are for reference purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The Architectural Committee has final approval and vacating the approval process may result in fines.

For more information about Brooks Park plat restrictions & architectural guidelines, contact the architectural committee at
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